Famous for its all-Italian creativity and craftsmanship, Salvini brings elegance, style and class to the world through its jewelry. These qualities are underscored by age-old artisan jewelry-making traditions which have never changed. Beauty, inspiration and manual flair give Salvini jewelry the special appeal which has always made it unique. Every piece is enhanced by the know-how of expert gemmologists and the finest quality precious stones. Salvini jewelry is fashioned expertly by leading master craftsmen from Valenza, the home of fine Italian jewelry.

Passion, creativity and Italian style come together in every collection to delight anyone with an eye for details and a love for the beauty. All this has gone into making Salvini a stand-out name in the jewelry sector and the recipient of the prestigious Diamond International Award (the jewelry “Oscars”) on several occasions. Salvini marked its 25th anniversary in 2011, a milestone for a prestigious brand whose class is unmistakable. A true pioneer in advertising and communication, Salvini has always stood out for its innovative marketing strategies. Today the brand has selected distributors throughout Italy and is lookingto expand further into international markets.